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Young voter turnout is lower than any other demographic in the UK. That’s why the Scottish Youth Parliament briefed Stripe to develop and run a national campaign to encourage young people aged 18-25 in Scotland to register to vote ahead of the EU Referendum.

The campaign has already reached more than 400,000 young Scots and made 2.1 million impressions with the hashtag #EURchoice and the bold slogan “Get registered. Get voting. Get heard.” Using engaging videos and images we’ve rolled out content across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

We also created localised Snapchat geofilters targeting Scotland’s most densely populated areas.

Mock up group
This campaign is about young Scots standing up for their rights and getting their voices heard. It’s a tough issue but we know from our research that it resonates with young voters and drives behavioural change. So…

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