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Search for Scotland’s Greenest Community

Search for Scotland’s Greenest Community

Community groups across Scotland are being invited to show off their green credentials and enter a new national Greener Together Community Award scheme.

The Awards, to mark the Year of Natural Scotland in 2013, will celebrate and reward communities for their environmental action, as part of the Scottish Government’s national campaign, ‘Greener Together’, which is encouraging everyone across the country to play their part in making Scotland a cleaner, greener place to live.

Nominations for the Greener Together Community Awards can be submitted online on from 14 February 2013, as part of the first phase of the initiative. A panel of judges, including representatives from the Scottish Government, Zero Waste Scotland, Keep Scotland Beautiful and Vegware will decide on the winning five projects, selecting them according to set criteria and how well they bring greener living ‘to life’.

Winners will be presented with a Greener Together Community Award plaque in recognition of their achievement.

To be eligible for a Greener Together Award, the community project or initiative must be a live project or initiative in Scotland that is directly related to either • greener home energy • greener travel • local in-season food • reducing or avoiding food waste • reducing consumption or increasing recycling • show the positive effects of the project on the community and local environment

There will be a second phase of nominations for the Greener Together Awards later this year.

For further details visit here.