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Innovative live cinema ad for road safety

Innovative live cinema ad for road safety

Stripe launched live cinema advertising for the first time in Scotland as part of a national road safety campaign by the Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland (part of Transport Scotland).

Cinema-goers in Dunfermline and Aberdeen were the first to experience the new advert which combines an on-screen commercial with live theatre using an actor situated in the auditorium interacting with the advert on the screen.

The on-screen advert is viewed from the backseat passenger’s point of view in a car full of men in their late teens. The driver is going a bit too fast for the conditions, chatting with his friends, when he is distracted by a mobile phone. He turns towards the audience where he interacts with the actor sitting in the auditorium. They exchange words and, in the short space of time the driver turned round, the car crashes into a tree and the screen displays the message, “One distraction is all it takes”.

A performance of the live cinema advert was recorded and is available to view online via Road Safety Scotland’s YouTube channel –