Blog : 30 Things to do Before You're 3

PlayTalkRead unveils ‘30 Things to do Before You’re 3’

PlayTalkRead unveils ‘30 Things to do Before You’re 3’

PlayTalkRead has launched a list of ‘must do’s’ for 0-3 year olds to encourage mums and dads to have fun with their tots from day one. From jumping in puddles and bursting bubbles to pulling silly faces in the mirror and feeding the ducks in the park, it’s a big list of simple fun for little ones across the country to get under their belt before the early years are over.

The Scottish Government’s 30 Things to do Before You’re 3 is the ultimate children’s checklist including everything from singing incy wincy spider to getting squishy with play dough. Supporting the PlayTalkRead campaign, the list champions the early years (0-3 years) as a golden opportunity for mums and dads to play, talk and read with their kids more often and give them the best start in life.

Evidence has shown that during the first three years of a child’s life 75% of brain growth is complete and an estimated 50% of our language is in place. So mum and dads should dive in now and start ticking off their tot’s list of unmissable PlayTalkRead experiences while they still have the chance!

The full 30 Things to do Before You’re 3 list is available to download from the PlayTalkRead website here, along with a number of new interactive games for parents and their little ones.