Stripe help encourage drivers to reduce their ‘risk factor’

Stripe help encourage drivers to reduce their ‘risk factor’

Stripes were on hand as the Scottish Government launched a new campaign with Road Safety Scotland (part of Transport Scotland) encouraging drivers to consider how they can reduce their ‘risk factor’ on country roads.

Risk-taking is strongly related to gender and age, and the riskiest drivers on Scotland’s roads are men under 45. Three quarters of those killed on rural roads are males, and one third are young drivers aged between 17-25.

Statistics show that three out of four road fatalities occur on Scotland’s country roads resulting in an average of 190 deaths per year.

The campaign features a series of different adverts which are aimed at tackling the complexities around the risk-taking behaviour of male drivers. It encourages them to watch their speed and concentrate on the road in order to reduce the risks when driving on country roads which should, in turn, reduce the number of accidents and fatalities.

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