Motorbikers make up one per cent of Scotland’s road users, but account for 13 per cent of its fatal road accidents. Our brief was to raise awareness of best practice and biking safety among the biker audience. No mean feat when many have been riding for years – 25% of those bikers are men aged 40-49 – with long engrained riding habits.


Our campaign was simple: ‘live fast die old’ – a fun campaign grounded with a serious message. Stripe brought the campaign to life with an extensive media programme, social media campaigning, partner engagement and a whole load of creative content.

Extensive research helped us to understand the biker camaraderie, what influences them and to find a voice that would resonate, paying particular attention to the phrases the biker community love to use but no one else has heard of, from “weekend warriors” to “belly-shovers”.

The aim was to get bikers talking about the campaign, highlight safety advice, and encourage them to share their good and bad safety stories. Best practice all the way.


Stripe pushed safety up the bikers’ agenda. 72% of the ‘40-49 male biker’ target audience felt motivated to improve their road safety after being exposed to the campaign. One in four said they’d mentioned it to someone else and 78% felt it had improved their understanding.

The social media campaign generated almost 87,000 likes, comments and shares with a total reach of 2.5 million people. One YouTube video created for the campaign had 196,000 views alone.

In a post-campaign survey, 67% of people said they heard about the campaign because their friend had liked or shared info about it. Two thirds shared information themselves and over a third invited friends to like the LFDO Facebook page.