New Road Safety app for kids is out of this world

New Road Safety app for kids is out of this world

Stripe showed its gaming prowess this month as we helped to launch a brand new kids’ app called KLANG: The Road Home. Developed by Road Safety Scotland and the Scottish Government, the app’s aim is to get kids aged 8-11 to think about road safety.

Following the story of a stranded and homesick alien robot called Klang, intrepid explorers are challenged to help Klang navigate our busy roads to collect the missing parts of his spaceship.

Stripe launched the app at the National Museum of Scotland with the help of Minister for Transport and Islands Derek MacKay, along with Klang and 30 of Scotland’s finest Junior Road Safety Officers.

Although none of the Stripes have managed to get past the first level, the app got off to a flying start with over 9,000 downloads in the first 48 hours!

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