Make every day count in Alcohol Awareness Week

Make every day count in Alcohol Awareness Week

To mark the launch of Alcohol Awareness Week 2010, adults across Scotland are being asked how their drinking habits measure up and encouraged to “make every day count”. The week-long initiative aims to raise awareness that by making small changes to our drinking habits – to make sure we’re drinking more responsibly – we can all get more out of our day, week and weekend.

Currently only 15% of Scots are able to correctly estimate the number of units in a normal strength bottle of wine. So, this year’s Alcohol Awareness Week aims to help explain how many units of alcohol drinks contain, and highlight how positive lifestyle choices and sticking to the sensible drinking guidelines can help us enjoy alcohol responsibly.

Launching in Aberdeen’s Union Square, the annual awareness week is now in its fourth year, bringing together the drinks industry, health professionals, the voluntary sector and the Scottish Government to help encourage a culture of responsible drinking throughout Scotland.

Under this year’s ‘How do you Measure Up?’ Unit Challenge theme, people across the country can discover how many units of alcohol they’re drinking on a regular basis, and get useful tips on how they can stick within sensible drinking guidelines of not regularly drinking more than 3-4 units per day for men, or 2-3 units per day for women.  To help Scots get a handle on how much they’re drinking, the Alcohol Awareness Week website – – provides an alcohol unit calculator, the ‘Measure Up’ quiz, and lots of information and advice about drinking responsibly.

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